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iAMA Beauty Therpaists Training Timetable iAMA Beauty Therpaists Training

We Train Beauty Therapists

We train NVQ3, Cidesco and Btec Graduates

This is an advanced program designed to teach NVQ3, Btec and Cidesco graduates medical aesthetic treatments to progress his/her career in the beauty or medical aesthetic industry.

The program curriculum is intense, combining a voluntary online study program on Skin Health followed by intensive practical training on Chemical Peels, Derma Roller, Dermatology, Skin type identification, Laser Hair Removal and Facial Treatments. The technical and practical training on skin health will allow beauty therapists to identify common skin problems and design skin solutions superior to what is presently offered in the beauty market. The program opens up new opportunities for NVQ3, Btec and Cidesco graduates. Upon completion of the program, qualified medical aestheticians can work cohesively with medical professionals.

On completion of the program, NVQ3, Cidesco and Btec graduates can operate a non surgical clinic profitably by providing a range of superior skin treatments combined with credible beauty treatments. If there is excessive demands for Dermal Fillers or Botox® , the only two medical procedures which Beauty Therapist cannot provide, then a doctor or nurse prescriber can be contracted to complete these two treatments.

Please note we do not provide BOTOX or dermal filler procedure courses for beauty therapists or non medical.

On completion of the program, Medical Aestheticians will enhance their career differentiating themselves from beauty therapists who have only trained in various work places. This qualification will dramatically increase a person’s compensation.

Why do NVQ 3, Btec and Cidesco require additional training to qualify as a medical aesthetician.

The three qualifications prepares beauty therapist to be functional in a beauty environment providing a range of low revenue treatments. The three qualifications provides little specialist training in any particular treatment. Graduates with the Btec, Cidesco and NVQ 3 qualificaion requires a lot of development by salon owners to become proficient in the work environment and to progress in their careers. Unfortunately this does not happen and the therapist is left skill-less moving from one job to another without developing as a true therapist.

This program is scientific and the free online training demonstrate this fact. The IAMA program is a post graduate program developing Beauty Therapist to become clinical skin specialists. Skin Specialists have to know the skin as an organ before they can provide treatments which will improve skin problems and skin health for the life of the patient. This program will develop Beauty Therapist to become more independent in treating the skin without relying on manufacturer’s training with is biased in favor of their product line. This type of training forces the beauty therapist to over sell to the client compromising trust and the therapist credibility. The program teaches therapists about the artistry of medical aesthetics and the science of how to improve the skin.