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Commonly Asked Questions

What is unique about IAMA (International Academy of Medical Aestheticians)?

In short, IAMA provides the only dedicated medical development program for Beauticians. KT Group of companies are unique because we not only provide premier medical training, we also contribute to our client’s business success by sharing intellectual resources gained from our business consulting division. Unlike other training organizations that are providing training services as a part time income generator, we are completely dedicated to your success. The complexity and wide array of information covered in the course will guarantee your success in the beauty and medical aesthetics industry.

Will I be able to increase my income by taking this course?

Higher education combined with practical experience is directly related to higher income. If you are motivated and prepared to learn, you will be able to market your skill sets to a wealthier group of entrepreneurs; including, doctors, surgeons, Nurse Prescribers and GPs. Equally, you can work anywhere in the world with your new accreditation.

Do you provide jobs?

We are not providing placement; however, our consulting division is responsible for business development of many clients who want and desire a Medical Aesthetician in their practice. We intend to promote our graduates to the entire medical market through the KT Group of companies’ clients.

Will you teach us how to be interviewed?

Interview skills are a vital part of the customer service training. We are committed to creating successful people and businesses. We will provide useful guidelines and training to help all candidates improve their external image, communication, interpersonal skills and interview skills.