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IAMA is structured differently from other aesthetics training companies. The company has two strong divisions: the Business Division and the Medical Aesthetician Division

Business Division: The responsibilities of the business division are to investigate new treatments and products which will add value to Beauty Therapists. The business division is also responsible for daily management of the group of companies, as well as, developing and creating new courses.

The Medical Faculty work as consultants and advisors to the management team. Both divisions collaborate to develop precise technical training on procedures that are well accepted by the public.

Management Team

Yasmin Khan - CEO and Founder

Yasmin is Canadian and graduated with majors in Economics and Mathematics. She was sought after by the famed Collagen Corporation in 1994 to develop the Canadian market. Her business talent was quickly recognised by the American divisions of the firm who implemented her business strategies throughout the North American Medical Community. She was promoted to International Sales Director overseeing Europe, Asia, Central and South America. She resigned in 2004 to write her first book, which catapulted her career as a top business consultant. She created KT Training in 2005 to provide better training to her consulting clients. The high level of training and value added business solutions took the UK Medical market by surprise and has made KT the number one training facility in Europe.

Since Ms. Khan is a former Beauty Therapist, her vision for the IAMA division is equally ambitious and she aspires to integrate Beauty Therapists into the Medical Enhancement Market.

Yasmin's role is to liaise with her management and medical team to ensure her objective of creating successful businesses and people.

Keisha Paul - BComm (hon) - Business Development Manager

Keisha Paul graduated with a BComm (Hons) degree from the I.H Asper School of Business, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Wanting to share her passion for business and learn from others, she ventured to St. Kitts and Nevis, West Indies, for three months on a Canadian International Development Agency internship to develop entrepreneurship programs for children. She has had previous experience in the medical field and has worked with clinicians to help develop their businesses. Her experiences have given her the desire to teach and help entrepreneurs to formulate their vision into a realistic and achievable plan.

At present, Keisha Paul is the Business Development Manager and the lead consultant for KT Solutions.

Cara House - Office Coordinator

Cara has just joined our team and we have great expectations of her. Her core responsibilities are to manage the enquiries and supervise the efficiency of the training day. She will be your first point of contact and will facilitate the entire process until you meet the instructor and management team on the day of your training. Cara is passionate about learning and is excited to implement her new and creative ideas.

Training Faculty

Jacquie Macauley RGN, RM, Nurse Prescriber

Jacquie Macauley is a Specialist Aesthetic Nurse who began her career as a registered nurse and midwife. She is a member of the Royal College of Nursing, Dermatology Nursing Forum and the Aesthetic Nursing Medicine Group. Her experience covers skin care, product and protocol development for cosmetic/beauty treatments, make-up, laser and intense pulsed light therapies, Botox®, dermal fillers, chemical peels, mesotherapy and colonic hydrotherapy. Jacquie is a trainer in the field of aesthetic medicine and also has a special interest in Afro-Therapy and the management of problems unique to clients of pigmented skin types.

Graham Bisset BSc (Hons), PhD, MRSC

Clinical Trainer

Graham has a PhD and for many years worked in medicinal chemistry R & D, both with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, the University of Liverpool, and then in California and Canada. This work resulted in over 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals plus several patents. After spending seven years at the Institute of Cancer Research designing anti-cancer drugs, Graham worked for 13 years at UK-based Cross Technologies selling Candela and WaveLight dermatology lasers, as well as, surgical lasers from Dornier, Martin GmbH and Lutronics. Graham was also responsible for the clinical training for the majority of lasers sold by Cross Tech. In January 2007 Graham moved to Cynosure UK, again in the dual role of laser sales and clinical training, gaining extensive experience with Cynosure’s range of advanced dermatology and body contouring lasers. Graham has recently set up his own consultancy (Bysetics), where he specializes in clinical training, education and support for Cynosure UK’s laser products.

With over 18 years’ experience in medical / aesthetic lasers and attendance at over 200 national and international conferences, Graham has been able to develop clinical laser training programs suitable for all grades of staff, that are respected throughout the UK. Graham is a member of the British Medical Laser Association and the Royal Society of Chemistry.