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Aesthetic Business

Aesthetic Business

The medical aesthetic industry is a highly competitive business with little differentiation and easy entry. To succeed requires knowledge and expertise on a range of subjects outside of clinical excellence and technical experience.

Marketing and wealth creation are complex disciplines that require a university degree and a lot of practical market experience. It is extremely difficult to train a medical professional to think similar to a marketer and a wealth creator. To support our candidates in understanding how to achieve success, we have developed a number of resources in this area and they are listed below:

  1. Simple Steps to Building Successful Cosmetic Practices –the book
  2. Online business training
  3. Pre-course business guidelines
  4. Consulting Division for Business Start Up
  5. Marketing and Design Division for Business Start Up
  6. Salon Programs for Business Start Up
  7. Brochure Scripts for Business Start Up
  8. Consulting Skills