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Dermal Roller Training

Derma Roller

Derma Roller is a fairly new medical and beauty treatment that compliments or can replace certain treatment modalities in the non-surgical arena. In this course we will be discussing the advantages of using the derma roller over chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser therapy treatments. We will also discuss how derma roller therapy can be combined with cosmeceuticals to treat many skin problems and to improve skin health for mature and young patients. This treatment is also much more cost-effective than other alternative therapies, making it affordable for the mainstream public to improve their appearance at an affordable price. If you own your own clinic, the skills gained from this course will dramatically improve your bottom line.

Derma Roller Treatments are popular in the medical arena; however, the cost of the treatment is cost prohibitive since medical professionals such as surgeons will add their high fee to the cost of the treatment. Since most clients will need at least three to five treatments, the cost of a surgeon or specialist providing this treatment is too high, creating a great opportunity for medical aestheticians to work with surgeons, GPs and other medical specialists to deliver this treatment and other medical treatments at a cost effective price. Since the procedure is a lot more expensive than beauty treatments, medical aestheticians are paid more for providing this treatment.

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