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Business Management Training

Cosmetic Business

The beauty and medical aesthetic industry is plagued with individuals who focus on technical expertise without concentrating on how to develop and sustain a successful business. With so much competition and easy entry into this industry, the need for business training is mandatory for a Medical Aesthetician to manage their business. Equally, if aestheticians are to work with surgeons and doctors, the Medical Aesthetician will be responsible for the daily management of their division. Fittingly, business acumen is essential for career growth, both as an independent entrepreneur and as a top clinic manager. This course is unique to KT Training and was developed by Mrs. Yasmin Khan.

Yasmin Khan is a global business strategist and has participated in the creation of many successful medical aesthetic clinics. Mrs. Yasmin Khan has developed a customized business course for medical aestheticians and medical professionals.

The chart above is an at a glance representation of the subjects discussed in the day. You will be provided with a CD comprising of business plan templates, financial and marketing forecast templates, a range of marketing programs templates, business templates on a range of topics, training manuals templates, operational manual templates and system and processes template. The objective is to provide the beauty therapist with pre prepared templates to make her/his work manageable.

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