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Welcome to IAMA

Medical Aesthetic Training Courses, for Beauty Therapists

This International Academy of Medical Aestheticians was created to teach NVQ3, Btec and Cidesco graduates medical aesthetic treatments.

The program curriculum is intense, combining an online study program on Skin Health accompanied by an intensive practical training on Chemical Peels, Derma Roller, Dermatology, Skin Type Identification, Laser Hair Removal and Facial Treatments. The technical and practical training on skin health will allow aestheticians to identify common skin problems and design skin solutions superior to what is presently offered in both the Beauty and Medical Aesthetic Market.

The program opens up new opportunities for NVQ 3, Btec and Cidesco graduates. Upon completion of the program, qualified medical aestheticians can work cohesively with medical professionals.

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Our Vision Statement

“Our vision is to provide beauty therapists with the tools to create satisfied long term customers; we do this by providing a wide range of value added medical courses, exemplifying premier business strategies, and by listening to the demands of the aesthetics market”

Yasmin Khan, CEO and Founder of KT Training